Should I worry: "Physical Volume: not ok (BAD)"

I was doing some debuging in GRUB for Elementary OS 6.1 (pretty sure it has the same GRUB as ubuntu 20.04 LTS though) and saw that my physical volumes are “not ok”

Does this have to do with the physical state of the SSD, or partitioning, or something else? Also, is this something that I need to worry about or can I just ignore it?

To examine the psysical state of a SSD see the smartctl tool.

For example:
smartctl -a /dev/nvme0n1


@Korvin Thank you!

Everything seems fine according to the smartctl tool. I’m not sure what GRUB was on about but I guess I’ll just make sure to do my regular backups, if only for peace of mind.
Thanks again!

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