Sites Look Zoomed in?

Hi! I’m absolutely loving my new framework laptop! But I just have one small issue.

I make a lot of websites, but they all look weirdly zoomed in on this laptop. I’m running Zorin and Brave. I’ve tried Firefox instead of Brave and the same issue is here.

Is this a display issue? Browser issue? Any help is appreciated!

Under Settings > Devices > Displays what is the scaling set to?

@jeshikat It’s at 200%, but whenever I change it to 100% everything becomes extremely small and unreadable

Are you on Zorin 15? If so then maybe try turning on fractional scaling: How to enable screen scaling on high resolution displays - Tutorials & Guides - Zorin Forum

Zorin 16 is supposed to have fractional scaling built-in.

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This helped a lot! It isnt perfect but its much better than before, thanks!

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What I did on Ubuntu was set both Chrome and Firefox to 80% in their own respective settings.