Sixth update on Framework Laptop 16 shipment timing

Hi @HighGoat. The email said that we would start charging within 3 business days for the Batch, not your order specifically. We only capture payment when we have all of the components for the order ready to ship together. You have not been sent that email yet. This is why we stated 7-30 days in the email. I’ve checked the logs, and you are properly receiving emails from us.


lol Im amazed that you guys keep us updated this well it’s truly amazing I love it!

I have the most basic config so I’m hoping it would be ready soon but by all means dont rush, you guys have been doing remarkable work so dont let my impatience mess your flow lol :skull:


Thank you for following up. C’mon Georgia Tech. Can’t expect much from a small trade school though.


I absolutely get it. We’re excited that you’re excited. Ha!


just woke up and saw that I got the email in the middle of the night, so excited!!!


I read in some review (sorry, I forgot which one) that the aluminum chassis covering the display is a bit thin/flexible. Would it be possible to increase its rigidity by adding a bit more aluminum, either making it a bit thicker or giving it a honeycomb like internal structure?

The slight increase in weight will not be noticeable, the increased toughness will.

Could this be done during production, altering the design a bit so that in the next few iterations this change could take place?

pretty sure that was for the keyboard not the display

You’re right, need to finish my morning coffee before replying.


Honestly, the wording of the “Preparing your batch” email is misleading.

It absolutely implies that you have 3 business days to get your payment details in order because Framework are going to take the money out of your account on the 4th day.

Whereas it seems that is not the case.

In reality you are sending us another email before you take our money? It could be tomorrow or 4 weeks from now?

I think communication around this point could be a lot clearer. Lots of people are refreshing this forum, reddit and their bank screens cos they have a big chunk of money sitting there, and they are expecting it to go out of their accounts because that’s what the email told them.


Completely agree

The email starts out like this:

"We’re preparing to ship Framework Laptops in your batch!

We expect to ship your order out within the next 7 to 30 days. Note that this is a wider time range than we normally provide when we start shipping a batch of orders. There are a couple of factors playing into this:

then at the end notes the three business days to change the payment method. I assume that it’s largely boilerplate that was modified due to some of the unique aspects involved in this batch. I don’t find it misleading at all.


What are the odds of us getting another update before the holiday this week?


I would have thought it more likely after the holiday.

Yeah, they’ve said after Lunar New Year, probably a couple of weeks after, is the earliest we’re likely to see another update.

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