Small loose plastic heatshrink loose in chassis

I was taking a look inside because I thought my touchpad cable might be loose, but I found this small plastic (what appears to be) piece of heatshrink floating around in an empty ram slot. I can’t find where it’s supposed to go and and I don’t see any wires shorting or anything, but I don’t like extra pieces.

Here’s a pic of the tube in question (with a screwdriver for scale)

On a separate note, are there canonical high-detail pictures of the inside of the case just for part/repair reference? The pictures from the repair guides aren’t super helpful, I’d like one “map” as it were.

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That’s the wifi antenna connector end cap.

Like this here:



Jeah just an antenna cap as @A_A said.

@A_A @Ian_Thomas So was it just part of the packaging for the antenna connector and I don’t need it? I suspect as much but I have a strong aversion to throwing away tiny parts that I don’t recognize

Use it as a screwdriver condom :stuck_out_tongue: