Solokeys Solo2 Expansion Card

Just received mine and modified the Expansion Card.


@foosinn your expansion card is introduced at Framework | Framework in 2022: Year-in-review . Congratulations!

Solokeys Solo 2 Framework Expansion Module.

Does the “Solokeys Solo 2” mean Solo V2, right?

I think you can link your GitHub repository to Then it can be introduced from the Printables Framework page below.

That’s pretty cool. Your case looks great; love the color and subtle streaks. It’s handy to have as key storage that is so flush with the laptop, but still usable with other devices. It does highlight to me that four ports total is not a lot to work with! You just lost 25% of your ports from this security practice.

One comment about the case, could be worthwhile to carve out a continuation of the lanyard loop so that feature isn’t lost.