[SOLVED] Broken screen issue - Framework support is not responding to my e-mails

Yes I understood that. I was just trying to console the OP by ensuring you saw his post, not to actually support the problem via the Forum.

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Hello everyone. I have been contacted by Framework support today. It seems that my problem have been positively resolved and now I am able to make a payment.

a) it turned out that a few months ago, when I was buying my FW Laptop 13, system recognized one my payment attempts as “false billing” and blocked my account. And it was because back then Poland wasn’t already supported by Framework and my payment attempt was from Polish account (if I understood correctly).

b) they didn’t respond me for so long because my messages have been somehow improperly routed by their system so they weren’t even on a “pending” list.

Thank You everyone for help, and especially You amoun :slight_smile:

Have a great day everyone!


Asking for a bump on a support ticket is asking for support. The FW team is very much aware of posts requiring their attention, through browsing the forums and through internal communications. If it is something they can help with, they will do so in the public post. Bottom line, do not send unsolicited DMs to Framework staff. Thank you for your cooperation.


Glad you got it sorted! Hope you’re enjoying your Framework other than the broken display!

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