[SOLVED] Cannot find official download link for 3.07 firmware

I’m looking for the zip file to downgrade back to BIOS 3.07 as i’m running into the same issue as [SOLVED] Ethernet Expansion Card connection issues - #7 by Matt_Hartley and am interested in experimenting to see if downgrading firmware will resolve the issue somehow.

I have looked at the Bios Guide, searched this forum, and tried looking at the official changelog and none of them seem to have download links.

Is there an official source for old BIOS releases?

The link at the top of the release post (BIOS 3.07 + Windows 10 and (11 Alpha) driver bundle) is canonical. :slight_smile:

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oh, i did see that in the search results, just didnt see it tagged as anything official in the title or anything and assumed someone had bundled the windows drivers with the update in the same package (which i ignored because im on linux). thanks so much!

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