I am wondering what the GPU of the DIY edition is. If anyone has an answer please respond.

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The GPU of the FW13 Intel version (I cannot speak of the AMD version, as the specs have not been released) is integrated to the Intel CPU, so it is a iGPU (integrated GPU), and precisely it is an Intel Iris Xe Graphics.


Thank you Mapleleaf


The GPU of the Ryzen 7 Version is the 780M by the way!

Also note that the i7 DIY boards have a 96EU Iris Xe, and the i5 versions have a 80EU verrsion.
This means i7s have a iGPU that’s around 20% faster!

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The CPUs are still under an information embargo. No specs have been confirmed about the AMD model.

Ah correct, sorry… Although it’s almost 100% certain… 7040 is only one type of sillicon.

Yeah it’s allmost certainly a 780m/760m for the 7/5 respecitvely, how many CUs they’ll have is not quite confirmed though and afaik how well they perform is still a complete mystery.

Personally I’d allready be happy with 680m performance but new node, new architecture and probably more CUs (which also got way more stuff with rdna3) probably boosts performance at least a little XD

Basically if the 7840u/hs we are getting isn’t worse than a 6800u I’m happy everything else is a bonus.

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