[solved] I've been charged the deposit but I see no order

I’ve placed an pre-order, I’ve been charged for the deposit, there was an error on the right side of the page but then disappeared, it’s not showing on the order list, no order e-mail confirmation and my credit card transaction is showing on the pending list

I see a 9 digit number after the “R” and I’m assuming that’s the order number?

Is there a way for you to confirm the order? is batch 1 and so on?


Per Framework (I am not a Framework employee, just a volunteer community moderator):

We’re aware of the errors that customers are seeing after checkout. These orders are complete/recoverable and our team is working on the database updates now. This does not require a contact to Framework Support as we’ve already identified the affected orders. Thanks for your patience


I got the email confirmation but I’m on batch 3?