[SOLVED] Missing Bluetooth driver for headset (Win 10 & 11)


When I connect my Bose NC 700 to my 12th gen Framework on Windows 10 or 11, some Bluetooth-related devices are not properly recognized:

As a consequence:

  • the headset’s mic is not recognized
  • their is no “hands free” device (to be used for visioconferences for example)

As far as I can tell, the exact same headset works on other laptops. And it used to work on the 11th gen board.

If anyone could help me that would be greatly appreciated.

It worked on Windows 10 using the 11th gen Framework MB, or were you already using Windows 11 there?

This issue now regardless of the past is that drivers are missing. Or Windows is using Microsoft provided generic drivers and is not capturing that hardware correctly. I would go to Bose’s website and see if they have any specific software that you can download.

There is also a setting in Windows update that will allow it to search for updates to 3rd party and hardware. This is one way to get the correct driver automatically. I would prefer to manually find it though.

Apparently it is an Intel driver bug with the AX201 card:

It did appear after an optional Windows Update that most likely included Intel drivers.

Apparently, the Intel driver does not suffer from this problem but I did not test that myself.

Windows update (windows 11) just proposed a driver update to version I’ll test it and report back.

Nope: no change. I tried removing/repairing my headset: no change.