[SOLVED] Screen falls flat when the base is moved, or in the wind

This has been an issue since day one, but I think maybe it’s getting even worse, that when I pick up the laptop by the base the screen falls flat, or even just pull it towards me a little.

Sitting here typing (on a balcony, behind a glass side with only a few holes) it’s slipping even just in the summer breeze.

Is this why there are two different hinges listed in the marketplace, ‘3.3kg’ & ‘4.0kg’? I assume the latter would be stiffer? Or is it fixed by the more rigid CNC milled top cover? Or is it not actually an issue for everybody, and I shouldn’t have been putting up with it?


You can read posts on this
a) There were some duff hinges, they will be replaced under warranty
b) So it’s not an issue for everyone
c) The new hinge isn’t a guarantee fix. Your use and expectations are unique, you could make a video and send it to Framework.

They can assess and maybe sedn you new hinges, lof your choice no doubt, else you can buy the 4Kg but I think that does away with opening with one hand but there is a 0.5KG tolerance.

4.5 to 3.5 New
3.8 to 2.8 Old

below 2.8 > Duff hinges


You got the unlucky bad hinges. Contact support and explain and show a video. They will send you replacements.


Had similar issue with my hinges, sent a vid to Support.
They responded within minutes (this was during the weekend) and sent replacement hinges under warranty the next business day, it arrived within a few days. FrameWork Support rocks!

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Oh, and the replacement hinges are perfect!


Thanks all - I’ll send a video and see if it looks to them like an issue. (Appreciate it’s hard to tell from a description, and one man’s ‘loose’, etc.) :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the original metric was “if you open it to 155 deg and it falls flat by itself, it’s bad” but IIRC they loosened the requirements, and if you complain about it, you’ll get a replacement.

If you however need extreme rigidity, you can buy a 4kg hinge set in the store (for me the replacement they sent is just perfect for normal daily use)

Just received & fitted my replacement hinges, so much better, thanks all!