[SOLVED] Situation with SVB. Is Framework affected?

S**t happens. I really sincerely wish Framework to succeed and stay afloat, now and in the future.

Still, current situation is tough. I, and probably everyone else, would like to know, even a hint, if everything is OK.


No really, as your first two words make it clear. The money game is based upon power and power creates abuse, corruption and ultimately failure of the aspiring to be caring.

No doubt I will see how dependent upon vagrancies I am.

Thanks for the thought


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This is very nice and everything, except for the case where you actually need to pay salary to your workers and run your business, but you suddenly found that your funds disappeared.


Yes being without the power usually is a downer more so for some than others.

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At 17:10, Linus says he doesn’t know about Framework regarding this situation.


There is your answer.


But as far I have understood, that is only for UK firms having money there.

I am not sure other projects/firms are getting a bail out.

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Nirav posted this on Reddit and Twitter, so I figure I’ll post the quote from him here as well.

We’ll be fine. Our finance team and I are just getting a few years of grey hair over a few days.


@Morpheus636 thanks for the update!

Not all of us have/use twitter, reddit and alike. I even have all social media domains (except mastodon) on my DNS blocklist.

It would be nice if they could make this announcement on all their platforms, like mastodon as well.


@Morpheus636 Many thanks for the update, was slightly nervous about that…


Now if buying more stuff would help them, i might. but what do I need (I got my FW and modules). Coreboot support id donate for :smiley:


Personally I’m waiting for 2XL T-Shirts to come back in stock, and then I’ll probably order one alongside 4kg hinges and some extra expansion cards.


I’ve seen statements that FDIC, the Fed, and Treasury are using some of the tools created after 2008 to step up and bail out depositors, but not SVB itself.

But you can tell how serious this is from the way the GOP has just STFU while stuff is still going down. They don’t want to screw things up until it’s under control. You’ll know disaster has been averted when MTG and the rest of the MAGA crowd start screaming about how it’s all wrong. The absence of partisan political mudslinging is evidence of how imminent the threat still is.


I just read this, looks like another crisis averted?


For startups and people, yes. The bank is gone gone though. We’ll see what happens with other companies and banks when the market opens in a couple hours though.


Ow, that would indeed be nice. I could use new shirts (i almost typoed: shorts. can also use those XD) But in general just hope FW can stay and be awesome. would 2 hdmi work? I got 1 already