Some clarification on the laptop RE: egpu and gaming

Hi folks, first post here, I saw that there have been some similar posts in the past but I wanted to be extra sure that this was right. I’m incredibly new to like DIY Tech stuff, but I’m really interested in getting a Framework Laptop, for many reasons. The only thing I’m not entirely understanding is whether the laptop will work with an egpu at all, and if so whether an egpu will make the difference in giving the laptop the ability to play games in a reasonable way (meaning 50-60 fps on modern aaa games on lowest settings).

If anybody who is using/has used an egpu to play games on the laptop can chime in, that would be lovely.

Thank you!

Here is a thread which talks about that very thing:

TL;DR: Yes eGPUs work and work well. Gaming is absolutely possible.

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Wonderful, thank you so much! If that’s the case, looks like I’ll be ordering a framework very soon!

There’s also this: The Framework Laptop with Dedicated Graphics! - YouTube