Spare Battery Availability / Separate Purchase

I’ve been waiting for a long time, almost a year, for the spare battery to become available.
I like the laptop and every feature checks out for me (OK I don’t like the glossy screen but I can work around it as suggested in other threads), but I am not comfortable in purchasing it without knowing when or if the battery will ever be for sale.
I believe in the company and I want to support it but I need a spare battery tucked in my arsenal from day one because that’s the very first thing that at some point needs to be replaced.
Is there an ETA for when, if ever, the battery will become available?
Is there an equivalent battery I can purchase off AliExpress?

The battery will be available, Framework would have been directing the batteries to production instead of spares, wait for the rush of the 12th gen to calm down, and then we should see them in stock.

Hi the battery should last a few years and keeping another Li-ion battery that long is not a great idea.

If you take care to store your batteries correctly, you can expect your batteries to last anywhere between 3–6 years on a shelf.
How Long Do Lithium-ion Batteries Last? - Pro Tool Reviews

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Any new laptop has a battery that should last a few years and spares are generally available either directly or from a 3rd party supplier (either authorized or not).
Today, Framework has neither and that defeats the whole point of the self-repairing program because the battery is THE component guaranteed to wear out first and today is not replaceable.
I understand that this is a young company ramping up production but after almost a year of waiting, I am more comfortable in buying a spare along with my Framework rather than hoping someday it will become available.
If battery production is tight, perhaps they could consider letting customers buying one spare battery along with their laptop?
I work almost exclusively on batteries and I know in about two years it’ll have to be replaced, a spare kept at home in a temperature-controlled environment will be just fine.

That’s interesting as I have lived off grid for many decades and use 12v for everything. Solar since 1985 and lead acid batteries, which can be a pain, but I don’t like Li-ion.

Still with mobile devices I haven’t had a battery that hasn’t lasted four years and I do a lot of computing etc. Sure with the laptops plugged in mostly but from what I have read, will link, keeping plugged in isn’t all it is made out to be.

The battery availability is the same for the new Fairphone 4, and the theory there is that no one is likely to want one in the first year so production is delayed - why would they want to store batteries that may degrade and who wants to keep a temperature controlled environment full of batteries. :slight_smile:

I’m sure you will be fine and no doubt Framework, and Fairphone, have some batteries at hand for warranty and repair cases.

That’s not my experience, I go full cycle 100-0 almost everyday, I know it’s bad but that’s how I work and that’s why I need a spare.

Unfortunately the warranty doesn’t cover consumables such as batteries and it last only one year which is why unique-parts availability is very important, besides, I don’t want to run into an hypothetical situation where the battery is bad and I have to wait days or weeks for replacement or even worse, out of warranty without a way of getting a replacement.
Either way, I am not comfortable having as my primary computing device a laptop with unique critical parts that may be available at a unknown specified date and that’s a shame because that laptop has really grown on me.

I wouldn’t mind getting a compatible one off Alibaba, Ebay, etc, but I haven’t found any.
If you have more info on that, it could be a game changer.

Given the current situation, it’s better to continue waiting and check every now and then until the batteries become available.

Is there not a ‘subcribe’ to when it’s available, and if urgent try contacing Framwork to make an exception. Still the battery is touted as 1000 cycles to 80% that’s 3 years at your rate of 1 a day. Still experience says otherwise as you point out.

Luckily for us EU and UK peeps we have a 2 year warranty as does the Fairphone and all it’s accessories.

Hello everyone, I have been wanting to make my own laptop for a while now and am planning to build it around the framework mainboard. Although, the battery seems to be unavailable for now.
Is there any ETA for the battery or any third party replacements that I could use?

I also have a project in mind using a framework motherboard. I’m also waiting for the battery to become available to move forward with the project.

Limiting the charge to 80% will more than double it’s effective lifespan if possible, and if not, it’s almost technically infeasible to go through the life of the battery in less than a year. (Life as in 1000 cycles until 80% capacity from 100%-0% DOD)

If you are using the laptop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for a whole year, you will spend at least half that time charging the battery and assuming you could charge the battery at 60 watts while running the laptop too you can only realistically get 12 cycles per day out of the battery. This translates to 4300 or so cycles per year - well beyond the rated lifespan yet also grossly over exaggerated usage conditions. It is more than likely that the laptop is used for half that or less and not with the battery under a constant 60w load for all 8760 hours of the year. Couple that with the idea that a power user probably only goes through 3 or 4 cycles every day in a 5 day work week of heavy dataset processing or rendering if in the field – the yearly cycle count is just about 1040.

By that time I expect a 3rd party option to be available if an OEM solution is not already in the works.

(Also, I plan to use mine in the field with portable powerbank that can effectively soak up the wear on the internal battery and is easily replaceable.)