Storage drive & screw seem slightly askew & worrisome

I have written this with extreme care, to help you help me.

I am trying to follow the guide at

I am at Step 5, regarding the storage module/drive.
I have finally managed to gently screw-in the screw that holds down the drive’s left edge. But there seems to be too little space between the screw/screwhole, on the left, and the Mainboard’s receptacle, on the right, for the drive. The distance is ~8cm.

Because of that tight fit,
the drive is tipped up on its left side ~2 degrees, and
the screw is tipped up on its right side ~~4 degrees. Thus the screw goes into the hole awkwardly.

A related issue is that the drive seems not pushed far enough into the receptacle, on the right, because,
of the 2mm of gold lines (i.e electrical contacts or whatever they are), ~1.1mm is still visible.

Is all that ok??

In that Framework guide, the commenter Michael Ward indicates that the drive should be horizontal: ‘parallel’, ‘flat’.

But in the video he cites,

it does seem that indeed
the drive is tipped up on its left side ~2 degrees (viewed by the technician, not the video viewer).

It sounds like you have not pushed the drive into the socket far enough. This can be difficult the first time because it doesn’t go in like you think it will.

You have to insert it at an upward angle and push, gently but firmly, until it stops.

Then you press it down and hold it down with the screw.

With it inserted all the way you should not see the contact traces and the screw should go in straight, merely pinning the drive down. Like this:


Note the socket key is fully inserted into the drive.


Thank you.

The essential point is, as you essentially wrote, that the gold contacts will be 99% hidden, if the user has inserted the drive sufficiently into the socket.

That’s a painful omission from the assembly guide, and so i will add a comment there to that effect.

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Glad it solved your problem!

The contacts in the socket are on the bottom, tight and springy, and you have to slide the drive in over them while they push back on the drive. The screw is there just to lightly hold it down and keep it from popping up or sliding out. It shouldn’t be exerting a lot of force downward or sideways. If it is, something’s wrong.


If so, we would definitely love to help! I am glad you were able to figure it out, however and a big thanks to Fraoch for such a dedicated response! :orange_heart:

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