Strange RAM timing behavior

Hey all. Not sure if this is a HWiNFO64 bug, hardware issue, or some weird shenanigans happening under the hood, I was looking at my memory clock and noticed it’s been jumping around. I’m using the OEM RAM from my old laptop plus a matching stick off eBay (or at least as matching as unpaired sticks can be, same part number and specs), specifically two sticks of Samsung M471A1K43CB1-CTD 8GB DDR4 2666MHz. Rated for typical JEDEC timings with 2666 CL19 max. However if I bring up HWiNFO64 monitoring, I notice the frequency and timings are variable in real time. See attached image (right to left is current, min, max, and average). If I’m idling it usually sits at 2133MHz ish and under load it’ll more frequently jump up to the rated 2666MHz speed (give or take).

Any idea what’s happening here?

Edit: Also seeing the same thing in CPU-Z

Edit 2: This seems to be some sort of power management feature as the clocks and timings correlate with load on the CPU. I didn’t know RAM could have adaptive clocks and timings but that seems to be what’s happening.