The top should not be symmetrical (and also I need a laptop case)

About once a day, I attempt to open my laptop from the wrong end. I know that it’s easy to see which end is the front when you look at the laptop from the side, but most of the time my laptop is set on a table or my lap, so I’m looking it from the top and it’s symmetrical. I do really like the look of the top, but it’s just not entirely practical. This isn’t a problem on most other laptops I’ve seem as most companies don’t have a symmetrical logo like Framework does. If there was just a little dot or an indent (similar to the one by the touchpad) or some other indicator, that would make it easy to tell at a glace where the front is.

As another possible solution, if Framework sold laptop cases, these would be easy to customize to make it easy to see the front and back. I do really wish they sold laptop cases in general because I know myself and, unless the metal Framework uses is significantly sturdier that what’s used in a Macbook (my previous laptop), it’s only a matter of time before I manage to drop this laptop and, at best, end up with a small dent. Right now, my only options whenever this happens will be to either live with each dent or pay $90+ to replace the top or bottom cover, whereas a hard plastic case (which is typically <$50) could protect my laptop from numerous dents. I’m also concerned that a dent in the corner of the bottom (which is the most likely place for it to happen) could potentially make the laptop very difficult to open up because of how the pieces interlock and slide.

Stickers…personalize it till kingdom come.


As second_coming has said you can easily customise the lid to know which is the back. A strip of anything, a dab of nail varnish or maybe a grippy strip so when you pull it out of a bag it’s less likely to slip out of the fingers.

DIY is the clue :slight_smile: