Timeframe for European market place

I was wondering, if there was anything known about the status of the european marketplace. On every Item, it just says, coming soon, ever since the website launched. Is there any info on a “hard launch” and I just didnt find it or is there just nothing known?


I hate to moan…but it’s been several months since the “We’re bringing the Framework Marketplace to the UK and Europe soon.” blog post…

Any update on this? I’m getting bored of explaining to my colleagues how the most repairable laptop in the world can’t be repaired due to lack of parts availability.

I’m starting to look longingly at my old XPS - at least I can get parts for that, even if it’s a total b1tch to work on!

So some sort of update would be great; tell us what’s causing the delay maybe? I promise to be sympathetic and nice, honest.

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Live in the UK too and should I say welcome to the forum ?

By the way it can be repaired as it has a warranty for two years.

I also like to push this up for attention.

Yep…let’s have an update guys please!