Tip / Request: Notch on one of the arrow keys

In another thread, someone mentioned how the arrow keys’ sizing / arrangement / orientation / placement is s deal breaker for them. And I’m thinking, this might help the transition (come and join us! It really is a great laptop):
A drop (or two) of nail polish (let it dry) on one of the up / down arrow keys. You don’t want to too high of a notch though (*damage the display).

This will act like the little notch you have on the F and J position keys. Hopefully, this will help some people with finding the arrow keys faster / easier during the transition to the Framework laptop. Once the transition period is over, you can just nail polish remover to clean the keycap.

@nrp: Maybe a minor change to the up/down key caps, like the ThinkPad arrow keys having a notch / bar?


Beware, nail polish remover i.e. Acetone, is not friendly with plastic.

Alternatives: 6 Best Non-Acetone Nail Polish Removers 2019 | The Strategist

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1000%. You have to use very specific plastics with acetone, which most consumer products don’t use. Stuff is very aggressive, you definitely wouldn’t want to spill it and have any get near the mainboard

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Be wary as well of solvents dissolving the ink on keycaps.

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Blank keycaps are like a manual transmission, it’s uhhh “security”