Touchpad module to the side of the keyboard. suggestion

I realize this is heavily personal preference but every laptop touchpad I’ve ever encountered is absolute garbage when it comes to accidental touch detection. I would love to see a 10-key sized touchpad that could be placed on the either side of the keyboard. Whether this comes as a module made by framework or a 3rd party vendor, this would be an unbelievable boost to device usability.

At least with the 16 I’ll be able to remove the trackpad entirely. So that’s already a strong plus.


I’d love to have an option like this, since as a blind person, I don’t need a touchpad, but others may if they needed to use my computer or help me with something. Combine with moving the keyboard closer to the front edge of the laptop, this could make it a little more comfortable for me to type on for extended periods.


That is one of the reasons I like buttons on my touchpads, I disable tap to click, and many of the useless gestures, and magic 0 false positives

Though why would removing the touchpad matter as far as disabling goes? Many offer option to disable the touchpad