Touchpad sticks constantly


When using the touchpad and clicking it keeps getting stuck to the point where I don’t want to use it without having a bluetooth mouse available. Are other people having the same issue or did something get in there that is causing this?

Have a look at the following, there is also a guide on how the touchpad can be adjusted as if it is not set accurately it can catch in a corner.

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Hello everyone,

I have my new Framework laptop since two days. Besides the known weaknesses, I have a particular problem with my trackpad/touchpad. This already makes noise when lightly tapped. I actually only use “tap to click” without pressing the physical keys.

Framework support responded quickly and referred me to the instructions for installing and removing the trackpad/touchpad. I followed these. Unfortunately without result.

I noticed that this noise almost completely disappears as soon as I hold it in the air at the left corner of the keyboard deck. I assume that this is a mechanical problem. The trackpad itself works fabulously except for this very annoying noise.

Does anyone have an idea or workaround for this? I would hate to send the laptop back. Besides the minor cosmetic issues, the notoriously poor speakers, and the short battery life, I find the device to be otherwise quite usable. I can get used to the keyboard, but not this trackpad/touchpad noise.

Greetings, mopac

Link to external media: Framework - Google Drive

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Are you referring to the guide in the post above yours and have you tried resetting it more than once?

So where is the noise coming from?

@amoun thank you, it looks like I should take it to make sure its clean and readjust

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Thank you for welcoming me.

The noise comes directly from the trackpad and is generated directly when touching it. I think as soon as something bumps into something on the inside. Otherwise, it works electronically without problems. Clicking also works as it should. I have already removed and reinstalled it according to Framework’s instructions. I made sure that nothing was loose. I could find some errors related to the trackpad in this forum, but not my case. A reply to my last mail is still pending.

@mvkvc Everything is absolutely clean and the trackpad has been readjusted.

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This issue has been brought up before, one user was able to fix it by shimming the trackpad with pieces of paper. Maybe this could help you too?

I tried it with paper as well. It reduces the noise a bit. My last try was with electric tape around the standoff of the trackpad holding mechanism. Anyway, the Framework Team reached out to me and will send a new Keyboard-Deck. I will report if the issue can be solved this way.

Come back to you guys after a few days in the hospital. So far: Awesome customer support from framework and very helpful and response community. Big thanks to you!


I’ve read the other trackpad threads, and don’t mean to start another - but have a unique question. I’ve loved the trackpad, for what it is, since I received the laptop. Very recently, tho, the trackpad seems to be ‘sticky’ along the bottom edge. It almost sounds like it clicks twice, or sticks - like a longer audible click. The main issue, tho, is that that causes kinda sucky click reactions from the OS/application.
My question is - has anyone had their trackpad change for the worst, or operate as I’m describing? There was no spillage or damage - it just started sticking the other day. I’d love to repair it - or, thank goodness, I can just order a replacement; but before I do either I wondered if anyone else has seen this happen and/or know of a fix???

You say you didn’t want to start another ??

have you read

Thanks ; I read all the community posts. I admit I didn’t think to check… where I should have - furthermore, this sounds like a better description of whats started than I explained myself so… yea. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks.

Dear all,

I promised to get back to you with the result of the repair. Unfortunately, another error with the fan has appeared in the meantime. This suddenly made abnormal noises. Foreign objects in the laptop I could exclude. In the end, I had taken the laptop apart more than I wanted in a short time. I had to spend more time troubleshooting and contacting Framework than actually using the device. In the end, it was the trackpad and fan in that short period of time that broke my confidence in the device.

Unfortunately, I did not have a good experience with the product. I still think the principle behind the laptop is absolutely brilliant. With such a revolutionary concept, it is customary to make mistakes. For me as a consumer, the product is not yet mature enough to rely on it.

In the meantime, they refund the device. Kudos for the excellent customer service, even though I had to explain some things more than necessary. I will keep an eye on Framework and perhaps return to a device from the company again in the future. In the meantime, I wish Framework all the best and much success with this and other products.


Hello All,

I had the same issue with it sticking but I fixed it. My issue is my frame was slightly bent so when I screwed on the input cover it ever so slightly arched it so the button would activate. I took the battery out and carefully pushed down in the middle of the battery area with my fingers under the front corners (close to user). I would recommend removing the main board too if anyone tries to bend it back. The main sign I now realize is my input cover wouldn’t sit perfectly flat on the base.

It works perfect now and am loving this laptop!