[TRACKING] GNU Guix System on the Framework

my current system config can be found on gitlab

I went for the overkill option and am using (firmware (list linux-firmware)) too. Later I want to just limit it to the firmware the Framework needs, but figuring out which ones those are is very low priority for me right now.

As for kernel arguments, nothing special, just this one I saw on Arch Wiki about setting the wireless regulatory domain:


To be honest, I hadn’t even noticed that the Framework has a keyboard backlight until now, but it seems to be working for me without your kernel option.

I just upgraded to nonguix linux-6.7 (currently based on linux-libre-6.7.2) with the most recent linux-firmware and it looks like everything is working fine without any extra config options.

so the kernel options might be needed for earlier kernels but appear unnecessary now.

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It looks like this is caused by shepherd waiting indefinitely for a mt7921e kernel thread to end. It’s not very elegant, but you can shutdown or reboot with rmmod mt7921e && shutdown or some variation of that.

I just got my Framework 13 AMD and wrote up how I got Guix working, but it seems that as a new user I can’t post more than two links :slight_smile: Anyway I posted it on my blog instead: guix on the framework 13 amd — wingolog