Trackpad affected by charging via USB-C

I happen to be using Ubuntu 22.04 and whenever I plug in (using Passport II Pro - The Perfect Home and Travel Adapter – Zendure) the trackpad becomes unusable (jumping around or not moving at all).

Presumably its some static electricity issue or something?
Has anyone seen this?
Is there a suggested power supply for the framework?

Yes Framework provide one that is grounded

For what it’s worth my trackpad is not affected whenever charging via USB-C and I’ve used a number of different chargers for it.

If you’re consistently having issues with the trackpad, consider turning off your laptop and re-connecting/re-seating the connection to it.

It’s earthed through a 1MΩ resistor.

What is the charger you are charging it with? Is it a 2-prong or a 3-prong?

Even if it is a 2-prong it should still be workable. Unless it is extremely extremely noisy and cheap. Can you try different ports?