Transparent Shell

Remember when computers, phones, video game consoles etc came with clear shells?


Well, I certainly do, and I think Framework could really differentiate with a product like that.

Pair some LED’s? And you got an a e s t h e t i c

Gamers would love it, and prisons may benefit from it too, as it may help rehabilitate some people inside, having some communication to their families, due to the transparent rules for electronics there.

Whatever the reason is, I think it would be interesting as a concept.


I want this too but I remember a mention by Framework themselves in another thread that a clear plastic case won’t happen because it would result in fairly weak structural integrity as opposed to metal.

That said, they HAVE experimented with making the screen bezel clear. I really hope they end up selling that color…


Clear plastic yellows. Doesn’t seem like a good idea.


They just need to work with Dbrand and the designer of this series to get some high-rez photos of the insides to make a skin that enhances the exterior WITHOUT giving up the strength of the metal.


You also have to remember about required electromagnetic interference shielding. Laptops with plastic cases usually have added layers of metal foil or a layer of metal deposited on the plastic itself. A transparent case likely wouldn’t pass EMI testing