Two pressure points on the lower left side of the touchpad?


I’ve had my AMD framework laptop for a couple of weeks now and I really like it.

I just realized yesterday that I have what feels like 2 pressure points on the lower left corner of the touchpad. As in, depending on the force I apply, the touchpad can make one or two click sounds. It’s only a sound/physical feedback: it doesn’t count as a double click.

And I don’t get that anywhere else: if I divide the touchpad in 3 columns and 2 rows, I only have that in the lower left.

Am I the only one getting that?


Hey Matt, I am having the same issue as well. I got mine on tuesday and I tried the repair guide for sticky trackpad but didn’t make any significant difference so messaged support today. I think few others had the same issue and they sent them a replacement trackpad.

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Somehow I didn’t find that when I was looking for help. I’ll try that tomorrow and I’ll report back… Thanks for replying Arjun!

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Ok so I tried a couple of ways to adjust it while following the doc and it didn’t change a thing.

Next I’m going to try that: Noisy clicking Touchpad - #16 by Rolphin

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Hi all, same issue here on a new AMD 13 I received today. I am going to try the resources you referenced and will update with the outcome in my case.

I ended up using the suggested electrical tape method and it fixed it for me.

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