Ubuntu 22.04 Installer crash

I’m hitting this bug on a fresh install on my Framework: Bug #1976585 “Ubiquity Installer Crash (Consistently Repeatable)…” : Bugs : ubiquity package : Ubuntu (launchpad.net)

Previously 21.04 and 21.10 have both installed fine. Tried various combinations (lvm/zfs/ext4 partitions, encryption on/off, secure boot on/off etc, reset secure boot), nothing works.

Given Ubuntu 22.04 has been tested on a Framework, I’m very surprised to be hitting this issue. Perhaps there’s some other dial I’ve not considered.

Anyone else having this issue?

I went through the installation [successfully] without selecting this:
ZFS, Encrypt the new Ubuntu installation

Isn’t ZFS experimental…or is this screenshot out of date?

Try to use another fs. ZFS has no official Linux kernel support and will never have it. It’s also only advantageous for server realm usage, you’re better off with ext4 or BTRFS for desktop land usage, considering the Framework is a single-drive device.

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Okay I got it to work eventually with LVM + encryption. This too failed on a me a few times, until some combination of resetting Secure Boot state did the trick. Not happy that I couldn’t predictably figure out what happened, but after rebooting nearly 50 times, I was just happy I was able to complete the installation :slight_smile: