Ubuntu Studio on Framework Laptop

I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my DIY Framework Laptop. This was the last drop that forced the flood gates open, as it were, for me deciding to break-away as completely as possible from the Apple/Microsoft world(s).

I grew up on Apple, it was almost a religious observance in my house. And I don’t regret it one bit, but over the last few years I’ve been less and less happy about Apple’s stuff, could never convince myself that Windows would solve my frustrations, (for a personal-use product. Naturally I’ve always operated in the Microsoftverse for school & work). So a year or so ago I got a cheap little Lenovo laptop and put ElementaryOS on it to dip my toe into Linux.

Most of my personal computer use is creativity-projects: video editing, music, graphic design, etc. so when I do get my Framework put together I’m planning to try Ubuntu Studio as the main OS right away, with Windows10 on the side, probably via the 250GB expansion card I ordered.

Anyway - maybe I’ll be the only one updating this thread as I try it out, but I’d love to hear of anyone else’s experience doing creative projects on their Framework machine, and especially with using UbuntuStudio as their OS!


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How did this go?
I’ve been using studio for years - love the low latency kernel & unfussy desktop.
The latest version seems to not use Xfce though?
Just planning to set up a bootable pendrive & give it a go…

I haven’t used it much, after all, though I likely still will - so far I’ve run through ElementaryOS, PopOS, and just recently installed ZorinOS - giving them all a try… who knows if the addiction to trying new distros will ever end… but I haven’t ended up trying Ubuntu Studio yet… I think it’ll be my next one - have you tried it on Framework hardware?

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Hi there, I installed Ubuntu Studio on my Refurbished Framework Laptop DIY Edition (11th Gen Intel® Core™) - i7-1185G7. I am running 32GB RAM and configured 32GB of swap space. I have a 4TB WD Black 850 to give myself a runway for creative projects. Just getting started with using more Open Source and Linux for music production. I’ve used GIMP, Audacity, VLC etc. a lot in the past.

Awesome! I’m also new to the world of Open Source software for creative projects, and so far, I’m really loving it. There’s something magical about software made by the people who use it. There’s a lot of really lovely stuff out there.

If it’s any help at all as you dive in, I’ve really loved MuseScore, and recently hopped around a few DAWs and am currently really, really enjoying Reaper for podcast audio & music editing. Lots of good stuff out there, of course, but I’ve really liked both of those.

I also tried Ardour for a small acoustic music project and it went really smoothly, so I’d love to revisit it soon, seemed great though.

And if you do any video, I only do really simple video projects, but have found Kdenlive to be amazing. Intuitive to use, and feature-rich beyond my needs/understanding.

I’d love to read about any favorites you come across here, if you find yourself with a chance for sharing in future!

Best of luck with the whole journey of it!

Ive never used Ubuntu Studio, I dont understand it, isnt it just Ubuntu with different pre-installed software?

I think that’s a perfectly fair summary. Ubuntu, with a suite of, like, “curated,” creativity applications.