Udev events not firing w/ expansions

I’m running Arch on 5.15.4-arch1-1 and I was trying to configure external monitor hotplug support when I realised udev doesnt seem to fire events at all, or very intermittently when things are plugged in/unplugged from the expansion cards.

I tried a usb-c to HDMI cable to my monitor, this works fresh boot, and does fire a udev disconnect event when removed, but never connects again

I then tried a USB-C memory stick in all of the USB-C expansions and never got a connection event.

I put a USB-A to USB-C converter into the USB-A expansion and that did cause a connection event to fire when I plugged in the USB memory stick.

I then tried the display port expansion, direct to monitor. Unplug was detected, but plugging it back in does not fire any udev events.

Has anyone been able to get hotplug working with the framework expansion ports?

If I boot with these things already plugged in, they work as expected.