Unable to Post, error code 11101000

Just got my new framework, I was able to get windows installed last night, everything kinda worked. I had a few issues with crashes but once windows was installed it all seemed to work fine. This morning, I wake up and the fan is going crazy, can’t post, no bios or anything. Boot LED code is showing all systems working an 11101000 code.

You might try the steps here:

Please note that the RTC battery holder is fragile - be sure to follow the directions linked on that page. Good luck, hopefully you are able to get the machine working.

I followed that guide in order to get this code. All systems are green, then it blinks out 11101000.

Understood. Wondering if following the steps at the end - disconnect the main battery, remove the RTC battery, let sit for 15 minutes, then put the RTC battery back, connect the main battery, connect to a power supply, and see if it helps.

I put up a separate post inquiring as to the meaning of the POST bits. I had been meaning to do so, your post prompted me to do so.

I believe I’ve found the issue. It looks like the RTC battery holder is unseated from the mainboard.

Glad that you found it, bummer that it’s a hardware issue. My interactions with the Support team have been great, I’m confident that they will help you achieve resolution.