Under-appreciated benefit of the magnetic bezel (for cat owners)

As a cat owner, I have issues with cat hair getting everywhere. This was particularly problematic for my Thinkpad, because those hairs would manage to wedge themselves under the bezel. To make matters worse, the bezel is glued on, and the hairs would get themselves stuck to the adhesive.

The result is that there are practically permanent hairs sticking out at the edges of the screen. They can be removed individually with tweezers, but a cloth won’t cut it.

Framework has no such problem. Just pull off the bezel, and wipe. Glorious :slight_smile:


I can imagine that. Very annoying on practically anything with a LCD and a gap between the bezel.

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I commiserate… Cat hair is able to find its way anyplace. I have a hermetic case for some of my equipment. I load it in a HEPA filtered clean box with gloves… And still out in the field I will see a "’! :? # cat hair appear on the inner window. Sheesh.

Thank goodness for the magnets on the Framework Laptop.

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