Upgrading from 13 inch to 15 inch form factor

If in the future, you release the 15 inch version, and users want to upgrade from a 13 inch to 15 inch form factor would you provide an upgrade path for it?


I’m not sure if this would be as simple as plopping in all the hardware from the 13inch model, seeing as the 4 USB-C ports would be in the same positions as they are on the 13inch, but the expansion cards would need to be longer in order to make up this gap as to remain flush along the edges of the laptop. I’m sure there could be clever solutions to this problem; who knows as the team behind this stuff has blown me away w what I’ve seen already.

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Seems like expansion cables (instead of a board) would be sufficient to extend the two USB-C ports on the left side. If the board is to be positioned top right of the base.


Dual display like Asus-Project-Precog will be convert current 13.5 inch into 27 inch laptop. OR Use clip/lego connector for type-c expansion card (Not directly soldered to mainboard) so they use ribbon cable for fill gap between.