USB-C adapter damaged by eGPU?

I’ve been using an external monitor through an eGPU (with a Razor Core X enclosure) for the last couple of days. I plugged it in the FrameWork laptop using a ThunderBolt 3 cable into one of the 3 usb-c adapters. Everything was working fine and I could do some gaming until that usb-c adapter won’t recognize the monitor anymore. I can plug it into the other two usb-c adapters and it works. Could it be that the usb-c adapter have been damaged by the use of the eGPU? The said usb-c adapter still works for other devices…

If you’ve experienced the same issue, please chime in!

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I solved it. The eGPU got disconnected from the usb-c controller and wouldn’t reconnect on it’s own. I reconnected it through the Device Manager.