Using a phone power bank - any use?

The framework power supply is 20v/3a.

What happens if I have a phone power bank, at say 5v/3a.

Is this any use at all? will is provide some charge to the laptop?

The power supply isn’t 20V/3A it’s just possible for it to supply that.

5V/3A is 15W. That would just about keep my battery afloat whilst I’m doing ‘easy’ things like browsing.

However if you are more demanding a) the battery will still discharge and b) the power supply may get hot from trying to supply 15W for an hour.

Yes. I expected the laptop battery still to discharge - but it would receive some support, and so perhaps last significantly longer. That’s really the question, I think - would it support the laptop battery? would that actually occur?

As an aside, when the laptop is configured for low power, it’s just under four watts idle, a bit more while I edit text, but editing at human speeds is as you know extremely slow :slight_smile:

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Well my Win 11 is using 10w just looking at the screen. I suppose setups differ.

It will function to recharge the laptop. Not especially well while using it as others have stated, but functional as an “emergency charge” you can carry with you.


With the lid closed, the laptop can charge off a 15W power source, albeit slowly.

With the lid open, nope, the laptop most likely will dip into its battery. My FW spikes near 30W by merely moving the mouse cursor quickly.

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Yeap! a 15W charger as you say won’t cope with much use, but I am a bit concerned that pushed to 15W for long it may burn out. Depends how well made and what tolerances it was designed with