Using the AX210 with Linux on the Framework Laptop

everything is working well here on debian bookworm kernel version 5.15.0-3 including bluetooth and 150Mbps+ ( test, so possible LAN is faster).

I’m dual booting Windows 11 and Fedora, I was having some problems with wifi not working in Fedora after rebooting from windows, what worked out was I had to turn off fast boot in Windows. link to a related article

Dang seems like I missed this thread

Has anyone seen the ax210 fail to come up with kernel 5.16 or 5.17?

I keep having to rmmod the iwlwifi kernel module, then modprobe it to get my WIFI to show up.

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The vPro version of this card is still crashing on Fedora and Arch for me. Arch, I have to restart iwd when coming back from sleep or booting up, where with Fedora, I had to manually remove some firmware to get the kernel to load a subpar (buggy, slow, etc.) version.

It works, just not well. I don’t see any activity upstream for this either.

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I don’t believe there is complete kernel support for the vPro version. I think the vPro requires some proprietary software for some of the features to work properly as well, for which I am not sure there is a Linux equivalent.

If you don’t need vPro for work, the non-Pro would be the way to go.

Did you manage to identify the issue? Wifi also refused to show up on my machine running Fedora 35 with kernel 5.16.20, and it turned out that I had to block firmware versions 67 and 66, which could be the same problem encountered here:

My backup kernel 5.14.10 uses firmware 63 instead, and it works just fine.

If the issue persists, perhaps the information from running command “dmesg | grep iwlwifi” could help.

After tinkering with different firmware versions for my ax210 vpro I got stuck with version 62.
I tried different approaches to activate newer firmwares but to no avail, reloading iwlwifi module or restarts didn’t help.

Then after a complete shutdown I powered the framework on again and to my suprise the firmware 67 got loaded.
It could have been by accident but this was my observation. Maybe it helps others.

PS: DIY 1185G7, Fedora 35, latest Kernel