Using TypeC expansion Card to support Mini Docking statiion

I am using a J5Create USB-C Mini Dock with my DIY framework. I had some initial issues with this device (jerky mouse movements) but the latest BIOS update has corrected most of this (could not use this for gaming). The one issue I seem to be having now is that while using this all other ports on the laptop seem to be non functional. I don’t see any issues identified in my Hardware manager. The Mini Dock has Eithernet, USB3.1 Hub PD2.0 and a Type C charge port. All work and again the only real issues is with the mouse. I noticed the issue when I try to run my mouse from the USB A port on my laptop and realized that the dongle is not being recognized. My Framework is currently running windows 10 and has (1) USB-C, (1) HEMI, and (2) USB-A ports installed.

Any suggestions?

I actually use the same docking station with no issues… Have you tried updating the j5 drivers for the docking station?