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Hey guys! I like this laptop a lot. Probably will buy it when you launch. :heart:

Just got a question I would like to ask about Framework. I am a big fan of minimalism and minimalist design. My current PC doesn’t have a logo on the back of its lid, it is a Xiaomi laptop. Will you have an option to order the laptop without the logo?


I was wondering the same thing. Would love this to be as clean as possible.


We don’t currently plan to have a no-logo version.


Therefore we have to cover the logo with something? If the logo is being cut out of aluminium do you have a version of the aluminium cover without the additional g-code needed to cut out the logo?

Or can you provide the dimensions of the cover, so that 3rd parties can machine the cover without the logo? It should just be a simple Solidworks or Inventor cad file.


Maybe could help

All that work just to cover up the logo? If it really grinds your gears that much (no pun intended) why not just put some tape over it?

@Adam_Pimentel Tape would look unsightly.

Maybe could help

A lot of people seem to be interested by this, so maybe I should give more info. Today Colorware seems to not doing Macbook customisation as they were doing (I don’t know why but maybe a legal reason). As shown on this video ColorWare Custom MacBook Pro - YouTube they disassemble your macbook and could paint it as well as change the logo completely (see ColorWare Custom Logo Replacement - YouTube). Note that it is quite expensive.
(Also note that I have no link with Colorware, I just know they were doing it).

Yes, exactly like what Colourwave is doing. However, just being able to buy a blank off the shelf from the manufacturer that we can then further machine, would be helpfull.

@Shawn_Lewis Framework is the product - therefore the brand. I believe they deserve to be recognized for their craftsmanship. It is so refreshing to see a quality product living up to #RightToRepair principles. A strong brand in this space could put a lot of pressure on other OEM’s to make changes to their design methodology. A blank may not have the same impact.



Totally Agree! But look, if anyone really, really needs to hide the logo, get some aluminum foil tape from Lowes or Home Depot. It’s used for sealing metal ductwork, shed roofs, and many other uses. With luck you can find it in a tint that matches your Framework, after you take delivery - you did order a FW laptop, didn’t you?

Four bucks buys 10 m (30 ft) of the stuff - enough for all the FW laptops you will see in your life. Slice it. Dice it. Sell it on Etsy for $5/“Framework Logo patch”. Cut me in on the profits, ok?


@Ian_Darwin, Foil tape isn’t really practical when you’re recommending to an agency to purchase 12,000 laptops. But I understand, brand presence is more important than actual sales.

EDIT: And, yes I placed my order.

@Shawn_Lewis if you’re talking about a bulk order like that then that sort of money might get you special treatment. But I have to echo the sentiment of others in this post and ask why is the general availability of a logo-less version the dealbreaker for this agency? The presence of the logo hasn’t been a detriment for the sales of this product so far. It seems that outside of your special case it doesn’t seem like a binary choice between brand presence and actual sales.

@Shaun_Kingston, I was asking if it is a possibility (special treatment or not). And it’s only the high visibility logo on the back, not anywhere else. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it could be a deal maker. Having the coat of arms machined into the case of the laptop carries a lot more pull during negotiations. The issue is while it can be designed from scratch to have that, it is a huge waste of aluminium to do so.

It wasn’t clear to me the volume of cases you were referring to in your earliest reply to this thread. It might not have been clear to the Framework team either. They’ve said elsewhere that bulk orders aren’t available yet but they are in the roadmap. Maybe communicating with them directly will make this work. Here’s one reply to another topic that mentions getting in touch for bulk orders. Notebooks for Small Offices - #2 by nrp

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I’m part of a small startup that is going to be mandating company laptops in the near future. We’re looking at a small run, probably in the 5-10 laptop range, but we would also be very interested in this. We don’t mind the framework branding being visible, but not that visible, and would like to do some laser etching on the case. Especially as these laptops are going to be highly visible at conferences.

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