Version without logo

Hey guys! I like this laptop a lot. Probably will buy it when you launch. :heart:

Just got a question I would like to ask about Framework. I am a big fan of minimalism and minimalist design. My current PC doesn’t have a logo on the back of its lid, it is a Xiaomi laptop. Will you have an option to order the laptop without the logo?


I was wondering the same thing. Would love this to be as clean as possible.


We don’t currently plan to have a no-logo version.


Therefore we have to cover the logo with something? If the logo is being cut out of aluminium do you have a version of the aluminium cover without the additional g-code needed to cut out the logo?

Or can you provide the dimensions of the cover, so that 3rd parties can machine the cover without the logo? It should just be a simple Solidworks or Inventor cad file.

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