Very long (15 minutes) wait after installing second RAM card

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, I couldn’t find anything in the forum when searching.

I have a batch 1 DIY laptop which came with a single 32GB RAM stick from framework. I just ordered a second 32GB stick from framework and installed it about 15 minutes ago.

The installation guide mentions it can take a long time before the framework logo appears on the first boot after install, but it mentions that for 64GB it should take on the order of 1-2 minutes.

It’s been much longer than that now and the laptop is still not booting. The power key is lit white, the battery indicator is steady orange, and the fans have been engaged the entire time.

Does this seem normal? If not, is it safe to hold down the power button and turn it off to try putting the RAM in different slots?

I’m confused because there isn’t any indication of a problem with the RAM that I can tell, the battery indicator isn’t flashing. (Actually it just went to steady white as I type.)

Thanks for any advice!

Update after another 30 minutes or so: I unplugged the power cable and the battery indicator isn’t lit up at all, FWIW.

I’m still assuming this is normal waiting for now…

It’s seems longer than it should… did it ever actually boot up?.. Do you see any lights on the side of the chassis blinking or changing colour?.. could be a bad dim or just need to be re-seated. Mybe try the new stick on it’s own and see if it boots!

No I’m still waiting for the framework logo to appear and the boot process to start. It’s just a black screen with the fans running. No blinking lights. Is it safe to just hit the power button and try re-seating the RAM? I’m not sure how to tell if it is still trying to train the memory or something is wrong.

Edit: I guess at this point it’s been over an hour.

Edit again: I took the plunge and held the power button for a few seconds until the laptop powered off again. When I pressed the power button again this time there was indeed a series of blinking lights! I must have missed them the first time, I was assuming the sequence would repeat.

I didn’t decode the sequence but I have a pretty good guess what it’s trying to tell me. :slight_smile: I’m opening it up again and will try the new stick by itself to start.

Update: hooray! I just swapped the two sticks and it turned on and booted just fine this time.

Thanks for the help @DannyT !