Visually impaired help: Mainboard screw locations please

OK… I’ve got everything sorted for a mainboard transplant apart from attempting to reattach the wifi antennas at some point.
I just need to locate the mainboard screws.
I found the one inside the interposer case after quite some searching. I was expecting a screw flush with the board like the Mid plate screws are.

I suspect I might be able to locate them by just feeling for the holes in the underside of the new mainboard when it arrives but any clues as to their location could be extremely helpful.
Very many thanks.

[initially mistakenly provided] Framework Laptop 13 mainboard removal guide for limited or no vision, with headings for a screen reader. The Framework 16 guide is a few posts down.


First, make sure all the connectors are removed before trying to pull the mainboard. The battery connector is on the bottom edge on the very left, it’s wide so you should put a fingernail under both sides and pull evenly downwards. The webcam connector is on the top edge of the board above the left memory module, it’s metal and has a plastic rectangle pull tab on top. The display connector is a similar connector type, but it’s in the top left corner, directly to the left of the two metal heat pipes. Audio connector is a short ZIF cable. You’ll need to flick up a little plastic bar on the connector on the mainboard to the left and then pull out that connector. The speaker connector is just below that cable and can be pulled out diagonally down and left. You mentioned the WiFi antennas already but those also need to be off.


After that, there are five screws on the mainboard. All have the wide and flat heads, and use the Torx bit from the screwdriver. One is near the coin cell, right at the coin cell’s bottom right corner. There are two on the right edge, one at the top right corner and another at the bottom right corner of the rightmost memory module. They’re directly above and below the back and front Expansion Card usb-c receptacles on the board if that helps. On the left edge, the o final two screws are in mirror image to the ones on the right side: there’s a plastic alignment peg in the top left corner and it’s right below that, and the last one is just above the ZIF audio cable you removed earlier.

Accidentally went through the 13 guide, working on a 16 guide now.

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Whoops. I only got the first sentence before it got deleted. :frowning:

Thank you!
I never came across a 13 guide that had that kind of detail.

No need to repeat anything that’s already in my own text, if you had not come across that one.

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Sorry for the delay! There are headings for your screen reader:


I read that you’ve documented a lot of this, but there’s a few things to be wary of when removing the mainboard:

The wifi antennas and display cables run in a vertical channel from the top of the mainboard. This channel is directly above the left display connector on the board (top edge, above the heat pipes, to the right of the wifi card). These cables will get in the way when removing the board, so try to pull them a little bit up and away from the board before taking the board out.

You will need to remove the interposer by its four screws to take the board out. It has a pull tab that stands straight up in between the two horizontal rows of screws.


I unfortunately don’t have a 16 so I can’t take measurements, but here’s a description of the locations from looking at a repair guide. Let me know if you need a better description of any of them.

There are two screws under the interposer door holding the expansion bay in place. They’re directly above two very distinct bright orange squares if you have enough vision to make that out. By feel, on either side of where the interposer sits, there will be two raised metal circles in a horizontal line. The closer of each of those circles to the interposer is the screw. It might help to put your thumbs on the interposer and rest your fingers on the chassis blocks over top of the expansion bay on either side of the interposer. Bring your fingers inwards towards the interposer and you will find the cutouts that the pin and screw on each side sit in. These two screws.

I think you mentioned the one other screw in the interposer area. It’s to the right of the interposer. You can follow the left edge of the wide right side heat pipe as it curves to the right and your finger will be directly over that screw when it touches the back wall of the chassis.

Other than those three, there are five screws directly on the mainboard. All of the screws have wider, flattened heads, and use the Torx (skinnier) side of the supplied double ended screwdriver bit.

The top left corner has one above the heat pipes. The two left side heat pipes curve towards the back of the laptop, follow their right edge until you hit the chassis wall of the expansion bay and it’s in the corner the heat pipes make with the chassis wall.

In the bottom left corner, the board isn’t an exact rectangle. The corner has a square cut out of it where a raised plastic speaker bracket sits. The mainboard screw is directly to the right of this plastic. Note that there is a screw sitting above the mainboard inside that raised plastic that feels like it’s at the exact position of the mainboard corner, but it’s not connected to the mainboard and you don’t need to remove it.

The bottom center has a screw. Find the M.2 connector for the storage SSD and run your finger from the top of it all the way to the bottom edge of the board. You’ll run into a metal standoff for a midframe screw sticking out of the board, and the mainboard screw is directly on the standoff’s left.

The bottom right screw is on the same vertical level as the bottom left. You can find it by putting a finger on the speaker connector in that corner and running your finger diagonally down and left.

The last screw (top right) is directly above the fingerprint sensor connector. This one is also close to a raised plastic part with a screw that you don’t need to remove, so don’t be fooled.

Assuming the cables are all disconnected and out of the way, you should be able to grasp the curved heat pipes near the top corners of the mainboard and tilt the board up towards you with its heat pipes attached.


Thank you! That’s brilliant. I’ve found all of them now.
I’ll add them to my guide.
Very best wishes.

Could you share a link to any Framework 13 visually impaired guide please? It would be good to see what they’ve done.

Ah, I don’t have one, but I’ve undeleted my fw13 post now. It definitely doesn’t belong in this thread though