Wanted : 4K 15" screen for personal laptop project

Hello all! I am looking for a 4k60/4k120 15 inch panel for a custom framework laptop i’m building and i’m just wondering if any of you have recommendations? Any help greatly appreciated!

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Like these? Or do you have something more specific in mind?

Out of curiosity, how are you building the 15" chassis? A lot of people want 15-ich Frameworks and would be pretty supportive if you can make it work.

It would be something similar to a cyberdeck. In theory I could get a buddy of mine to 3d print a plastic chassis or go for a metal print from a company, all of this is theoretical currently but if I can, I’ll update this thread.

I’ve been thinking about building my own 15" laptop based on a framework laptop, tracking down a screen with a compatible connector, maybe 3d printing a hinge. I’m not sure how viable that would end up being as a laptop though.

I don’t see much other activity around this on the forum, though I suppose someone has to be first.

Based on the little I know about laptop displays, finding a 4K display with a compatible connector will be virtually impossible until framework makes a computer with a 4K display and capable, compatible connector. Your best bet might be to repurpose one of the type C ports on the laptop, separate the output into HDMI and power, and send that into a display and driver board matching the specifications you desire. The display for the dell 9560 XPS is rather old but is a great low profile 15 inch display that may suit your needs, but I am not sure of the availability of compatible breakout driver boards.

It’s been a while, but according to Triple-Screen Laptop DONE RIGHT! - YouTube, there are 4k120 screens at 15.6 inches that plug right in to the JEDP connector with the same cable as the regular display kit: