Wanted : 4K 15" screen for personal laptop project

Hello all! I am looking for a 4k60/4k120 15 inch panel for a custom framework laptop i’m building and i’m just wondering if any of you have recommendations? Any help greatly appreciated!

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Like these? Or do you have something more specific in mind?

Out of curiosity, how are you building the 15" chassis? A lot of people want 15-ich Frameworks and would be pretty supportive if you can make it work.

It would be something similar to a cyberdeck. In theory I could get a buddy of mine to 3d print a plastic chassis or go for a metal print from a company, all of this is theoretical currently but if I can, I’ll update this thread.

I’ve been thinking about building my own 15" laptop based on a framework laptop, tracking down a screen with a compatible connector, maybe 3d printing a hinge. I’m not sure how viable that would end up being as a laptop though.

I don’t see much other activity around this on the forum, though I suppose someone has to be first.

Based on the little I know about laptop displays, finding a 4K display with a compatible connector will be virtually impossible until framework makes a computer with a 4K display and capable, compatible connector. Your best bet might be to repurpose one of the type C ports on the laptop, separate the output into HDMI and power, and send that into a display and driver board matching the specifications you desire. The display for the dell 9560 XPS is rather old but is a great low profile 15 inch display that may suit your needs, but I am not sure of the availability of compatible breakout driver boards.

It’s been a while, but according to Triple-Screen Laptop DONE RIGHT! - YouTube, there are 4k120 screens at 15.6 inches that plug right in to the JEDP connector with the same cable as the regular display kit:

I came across a few interesting panels that I might try. If I don’t fail to much in my first monitor project(using the NE135FBM-N41).

This 16" OLED(almost the same as 15.6") and this 14" OLED are the most interesting so far since they are both 16:10 and have 40 pin connectors like the NE135FBM-N41 V8.1 framework uses. But I don’t if they work directly with the connector on the MB.
If you want the pinout specs. Framework have put them on Github, which is amazing.

Anyway. Good luck and please post some pictures of the result :smiley:

Careful though, the connector is the same and probably fits just fine, the pinout, some of the io voltages and power rails very much aren’t.

Blew up part of my t480s mainboard when I plugged it’s smaller brother into it. (I managed to “fix” it though). probably for the best, if it didn’t short the 3.3 and vbat power rails to ground I would have likely blown up the screen and the screen was more expensive than the laptop XD.

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