[Warning] Ubuntu 21.10 Wayland issues

Did you just install a mainline kernel from Ubuntu? From here? Index of /mainline/v5.14

Let us know if you experience any other issues on that kernel.

@Nixingit Yes but I installed the Mainline GUI and just installed the latest stable Kernel which was 5.14.13 So far so good, haven’t run into any major issues, but I’ve been mainly focused on tweaking power efficiency.

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Just another data point. This also fixed the issue for me.

Will the PSR fix negatively impact battery life?

Also would like to know this. I personally haven’t noticed a drop in battery life, but the machine is so new to me that I don’t know what’s normal.

By definition, disabling PSR should negatively impact battery life as the purpose of PSR is to increase battery life. I haven’t run any analysis myself or anything, even anecdotal, but I feel like battery life was close enough to what I had with 21.04 it wasn’t worth mentioning.

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Confirming that a simple manual kernel update worked for me and fixed my trackpad issues.

Kernel 5.14.14 has issued with waking from sleep. I downgraded to 5.14.13, and we’ll see how that goes.

@Nixingit I was unable to resolve any issues i had with waking from sleep on any of the 5.14.x kernels. Currently choosing between trackpad issues on 5.13 and not being able to wake from sleep on 5.14. Have you had any luck?

I’ve had no luck with any 5.14 kernels. I’m now running the stock 5.13.0-20-generic kernel that comes with Ubuntu 21.10. I’ve disabled PSR in the grub config, and I have no issues with this set up. Everything except fingerprint reader works out of the box.

For those unfamiliar, PSR stands for Panel Self Refresh and allows displays with internal memory to refresh a static image without receiving the image data again. I found some information about it here: drm/i915 Intel GFX Driver — The Linux Kernel documentation

I am having the same issue as others here after upgrading to Ubuntu 21.10.

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Same wake from sleep problem.

I don’t have numbers yet but can confirm that it does have a significant negative impact on battery life.