"We are not sustainable"

Yeah I had a bit of a scare with the subject line. But I think it’s also a good lesson to take the time to read the body of an article before drawing to conclusions… I’m slowly starting to break that habit, more so since I left Twitter

My first thought when I saw the notification of the e-mail was: “Well, f*ck …”
Then I’ve read the first few lines of the mail and … deleted it.

So the subject was misleading to me too, but I don’t care and I was more annoyed by the length of it (but that’s just a personal thing, I like e-mails to be short and on point)

Misled me as well, but looked very intentional after I’d read the article. I’m surprised to hear that it wasn’t a deliberate choice, but it definitely got everyone reading the email in a hurry haha.

I believe it was a deliberate choice as Matt Harley elaborated on above!
What’s done is done though, and not much harm was done, just something for Framework to keep in mind in the future I suppose.

Not deliberately done to be clickbait though, as per NRP:

The most unfortunate thing about this title choice is that it shows Frameworks philosophy, or “mission statement”, is not aligned with their customers desires for the simple fact that whoever chose the title thought it would obviously apply to “environmental belief”, instead of the more obvious meaning to the customer; that the company can not go on in its current state.

At least this is something that can be corrected.

Personally, as a customer, I want a device that I can easily repair, upgrade, expand on, and generally tinker with until it’s on its very last leg.
My main concern is cost to me, and whether I will be able to get my “moneys worth” out of the product. In this case I believe that to be a resounding yes due to the nature of this product.
Second, is my hope that this company will stick around for a very long time so that I can continue to enjoy upgrades and additions to these products. Broadcasting heavily politicized beliefs is something I fear it will start doing and end up hurting it in this regard.
Lower down my list is the environmental impact, which is a huge plus, but it is definitely not the most important (because lets be honest, there are much bigger problems in the world that effect the environment to a larger extent, than the manufacture of one small laptop brand).

Anyway, my hope is Framework doesn’t stray too far down that path of spouting specific political beliefs which alienate and attempt to cast guilt on certain groups of people. To be clear, proclaiming environmental friendliness is good, but going too far becomes cultish and hateful, which can put some people off. That email title definitely got my attention with it’s ambiguous meaning, and I had to read the email to make sure the (framework) world wasn’t ending. :wink:

Environmental sustainability has been a core tenet of Framework’s mission from the start. They wanted to provide a “framework” to the rest of the industry, showing that it’s possible to make repairable, upgradable, and more sustainable laptops. This has always been both about benefits to consumers, as well as reducing the extreme amount of e-waste in the electronics industry. I can see how someone might have misconstrued the title, but it never even occurred to me that it was about anything other than environmental sustainability. :person_shrugging:


I don’t believe Framework’s statement on environmental sustainability has anything political to it. It’s quite factual and merely an observation. I find it’s very good to remind people that buying anything is not just about the financial cost but also the environmental cost, and that one needs to think about it, even when upgrading a Framework. Please don’t buy a new mainboard on every gen if you don’t have to!

It’s fine that they made the one ambiguous title, it’s not a big deal. I assume they’ll try to be more considerate next time.

I swear I have no idea why I spend so much time discussing silly things online lol