Well stuck already

Well you just cannot make this s*** up! Replacement laptop arrived today and the exact same screw has an issue again :man_facepalming:t2: this time it looks like a defective screw has been put into the primary SSD retaining insert and just spins.

I’ve managed to extract it and for the moment there appears to be enough undamaged thread to get the secondary SSD screw to go in its place but it’s still not amazing.

Going to build this unit up and make sure there are no other defects, fingers crossed…

Are you having issues with the screw head being stripped or the screw threads not being the right size?

Would it be possible to send any pictures of the defective screw?

First laptop whoever assembled it in the factory stripped the threads in the board.

Second laptop looks to have a defective (badly made) thread on the screw, this has been forced into the board and damaged the board thread but not enough to completely strip the brass thread in the board.

I can’t get a good enough picture of the screw thread at the moment as my magnifier is at work (brought it back last time to take pictures of the previous laptop).

Yeah you’ll probably have to send support another request for a part replacement. If you don’t want to have to wait for another whole laptop to arrive, maybe just buy the screws online or see if support can send you just a singular piece (although shipping just one screw doesn’t seem very productive). Good luck and hopefully you can find a solution.

I’m sorry you experienced this Jimsiss, please reply to the email thread you have with support and they can investigate this issue further, thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

Luckily I still have the other laptop to pick parts from so I’ve taken a screw from that. I’ll be thoroughly testing everything on this one before I send the first one back.

I’m having the same issue with SSD screw not coming off.

Is electrical tape really enough to secure it?

You really need to remove the screw first. With it in the SSD will not fit flat

How? It just spins. Secured with electrical tape as per some suggestions above and installed the rest.

Is it safe to turn on the laptop?

You have to apply upwards pressure whilst unscrewing the screw. I used the back edge of the framework screwdriver under the head of the screw.

Hi @Pedro_Silva,

@Jimsiss is right and it would be best to remove the screw. Find a thin little screwdriver or even a sharp blade (pocket knife? Be careful though!) to hold underneath the head of the screw putting upward pressure then carefully unscrew with the Framework tool; hopefully it should start to work its way out. This may take a few tries to get it to come out.

The electrical tape should be good to hold it in place. The Midplate also holds it down when it is resting on top. Just do not go physically running around with your laptop under your arm and it should be just fine for now. Glad you got it working.