What about an HDMI in?

I won’t mind the latency @nrp

This article on Hackaday looks interesting: delete that HDMI Out and I want to believe this will fit in a Framework accessory footprint…

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Ah right: same person also have an HDMI Capture-only board as well…

Ooh! That looks just right for a larger expansion card like the ethernet one. Getting a tiny capture card in an expansion card form factor would be a dream.

I found a device from MicroCenter that has the necessary ports, usb c to hdmi in, but it looks a little long. https://www.microcenter.com/product/645805/inland-hdmi-to-usb-a-c-video-capture-dongle

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I don’t know if this directly applies or could be adapted to an expansion card format but I thought the announcement might be of interest to some of you:

“eEver Technology, a subsidiary of eTron Technology, has launched the EJ523D 4Kp60 audio and video capture and streaming processor with a USB 3.2 interface, along with a reference platform currently showcased at COMPUTEX 2023.”

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Man that chip alone looks bigger than an expansion card but the capabilities do sound nice

Wow, yea. Good luck getting that into an expansion card.

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Yeah, perhaps HDMI-IN in an i/o array as an expansion bay.

Dreaming bigger…an expansion bay geared towards media and content i/o:

  • HDMI-Out
  • audio line in
  • audio out

Or just a mega connectivity expansion bay…caveat, I have no idea on bandwidth constraints. Any/all of these:

  • Dual USB-A
  • Dual USB-C
  • 10Gb ethernet
  • full size SD Card reader
  • HDMI-Out

I would absolutely pick up one of these before buying a dGPU expansion bay.