What did you almost buy instead...?

While I was looking at the i7-1185G7 from Framework, I was also looking at the MSI Summit E13 Flip Evo.

It’s currently available for $1,750 CAD in Canada…but with less RAM, less storage, only a 1080p panel, and not a 3:2 display (but it’s a full flip 2-in-1 unit). It’s a full $800 cheaper than my Framework configuration (i7-1185g7, 32GB RAM, 1TB SN-850, no Windows).

In the end, I picked the Framework…knowing that I’m paying close to $500-600 CAD extra for the modularity and repairability. I really want Framework to succeed!

How about you? What were you looking at before settling for a Framework laptop?

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Alternatively, for the price of my configured Framework, I could have gone with this Razer Blade with Ryzen 9 5900HX:

A XPS 9510, unfortunately I still haven’t decided. For my use case I think the extra cores with a 6 core processor will really come in handy. Dell has the base 9510 with Full HD screen, 11400H, 8GB Ram and 256GB drive for about $1100.

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Dell’s XPS lineup does have some really compelling specs for the money when on sale.

Another desktop, but with an Xbox series X and gamepass all my gaming is done over there now. This allows me to get rid of a bulky, loud and hot thing that sits near my desk. My framework will probably spend 95% of it’s time docked to a KVM switch via a single cable.

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I almost bought a Dell XPS 13. And by “almost” I mean I had ordered the thing and had to get a refund before they started putting it together, so I could turn around and pre-order the Framework.


Vaio S14, to replace my 2012 Vaio S. In the end, went with a i5 Framework.

Considered a Thinkpad T14 (gen 1), but I decided the idea here was worth supporting. Hoping the keyboard and touchpad don’t disappoint me as much as I fear. I don’t use the trackpoint, but I do use the physical buttons pretty frequently and the full sized arrow cluster with non-Fn page up and down.

Also looked at the Dell XPS 13, the Thinkpad X1 Carbon, and System76, but it came down to Framework or the T14 in the end.

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I was considering an IdeaPad Gaming 3 or this year’s Ryzen Envy 2-in-1.
Hell, the biggest thing that turned me from either of those was knowing that, at best, I’d be able to do minor upgrades on either. I’ll take a modular box over that, any day.

Haven’t bought the Framework yet, as I am waiting for the 15" size. Hopefully within a year there would be such option, as my current machine would be end of its life then more or less.
If no 15" Framework by next year, I would be looking at HP lineups, Spectre or ProBook, depending how they evolve.

I was laser-focused on the Ryzen 7 5800U - the lead candidate (was just waiting for stock to pop) was:

Lenovo 20YA0012US ThinkBook 13s G3 ACN 13.3″ Touchscreen Notebook – QHD – 2560 x 1600 – AMD Ryzen 7 5800U Octa-core (8 Core) 1.90 GHz – 16 GB RAM

Of course, it’s rarer than a hen’s tooth but I’m patient. :wink:


Not quite “torn” yet but this offering from HP has the Ryzen 5800u, has end-user upgradeable nvme & ram. Oh, and it’s in stock.

I considered another Surface, but the repair issues were too great; it sucks because I love the Surface form factor, and my current Surface Pro 4 might have had another year or two left in it, if not for the glitching issues I’ve been experiencing.

Then I looked at the XPS and seriously considered the option since Dell offers some decent documentation, but decided against it because the access to components either made them too expensive or impossible to acquire, and you need to buy RAM up front (meaning that you’re stuck with narrow configuration options; want 16GB? You must buy 512 storage/touch screen/some other item for no technical reason).

Framework simply answered all of my needs, and I hope they develop a convertible option later.


In the exact same boat @jma. I kept wanting to go down to the XPS 13, since I’ve been extremely happy with my XPS 13 9510 since 2017, but repairability and upgradability were too important. It was either the XPS 15 9510 or the Framework laptop, ended up choosing to support Framework

Microsoft to unveil new Surface hardware on September 22 | Windows Central


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@jma Well, one thing that I hate regarding MS Surface line is a lack of ports and upgradeability. It’s not funny at all. Also, for many years there was no Type-C ( I’m not even talkin about Type-C with TB3). And I do recall my Surface having so many hardware issues. Which is a real pain to resolve with MS Canada. It’s unacceptable considering the price. Don’t want even to hear about their new models, for me it’s “never again”.

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Completely understand @KOSTYANTYN_RUKHLIS. I’ve been burned twice already by a Surface device in the past, the original Surface Book and the Surface Book 2. I pre-ordered the original SB when it first launched. I had to swap it out THREE times to get one that wasmostly good. Then the WiFi card started acting up and that was the last straw. Took it back and didn’t bother again until the SB2 came out. I bought the 15" variant of the SB2 and had the same exact problems I had with the original SB; yellowing screen (brand new out of the box!), flaky WiFi and throttling issues when doing basic things (Chrome would cause it to throttle when doing general browsing). My wife however has had a Surface Pro 6 for 2-3 years now, and hasn’t had a single issue. But yes, I’m looking forward to being able to add my own hardware to the Framework, what a breath of fresh air it will be!


Was seriously considering the HP EliteBook G7/G8, Thinkpad, and System76 Lemp10 cause I needed something light that could support more than 16GB of RAM, have good battery life, and support Linux well. Also didn’t want to deal with NVIDIA/Optimus pains anymore.

However, the screen aspect ratio/resolutions options were :-1: Coming from an XPS 15 9550 4K and Huawei Matebook X Pro 2K, I knew my eyes would be like “ahhhh”.

Got rid of my Matebook in January thinking I’d probably buy one of the above, or wait a little while. Then I found out about Framework back in February. It matched everything I was looking for plus the reparability/modularity which I’m a huge fan of (I tinker incessantly or whatnot).

So…I pre-ordered release day, and patiently waited, all the while using my 5 year old XPS 15 9550 for half a year :sweat_smile:


I was primarily considering a Thinkpad T14, which is available to me with a corporate discount. Honestly, the keyboard layout (including trackpoint) and Ryzen processor (which, unlike Intel, can be undervolted) still has me thinking about it, but the promise of Framework is that the door is open to fixing/upgrading things in the future.

I’m paying about $400 more for the framework than I’d be for the Thinkpad configured as I want, but I think it’s worth it in the long run due the ease of repair/maintenance. Hopefully I’ll at least be able to upgrade processors in the next gen; I really hate that undervolting is disabled.

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Yeah, I’m also in that boat where I want Framework to succeed. So I thought “Now’s the time to support them. Need to get the ball rolling in the industry.”

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