What is needed to make the cost more accessible?


3 months ago flexgate happened on my MacBook Pro 2018. No chance to replace $6 cable due to the anti-repairability policy of Apple. The cost of a new screen is $750. So the only option is to hire unofficial service centre to try to fix the cable without any guarantees or buy a used screen for more reasonable price, which I did. Now I have more understanding about the importance of repairability and the impact on environment. Projects like Framework are great for sustainable future and better long-term experience.

Now the question:
Framework laptop seems like the best alternative to Apple now, with the only problem: super high cost. $1600 for the modular laptop seems just too much for me. And if we look at the premium HP/Asus laptops, we can find more-less competitive (in terms of CPU/RAM) models with the cost $800-$900. I’m trying to understand - is that the volume of production, technology itself, or something else which makes it so expensive? What is the bottleneck which prevents to push more accessible Framework to the market?

Is there any chance to see the models within the more available price range ($800-$1100 for 15-16 inch model) in the near future?


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The volume of production would be the most apparent factor. With a small volume it will be more challenging to negotiate on component sourcing, manufacturing, shipping, etc. And higher overhead cost per unit, of course.

For the absence of entry models, I guess, Framework may have seen bigger chance for their concept in the Ultra Book category and decided to focus on. It seems a reasonable choice for me, because the configuration flexibility would be more welcome by enthusiasts & because price competition is tougher for basic models in general.

IMO the price of Framework is fair enough. And if anyone needs a large amount of RAM or storage, Framework could be a cheaper option, since other makers often ask a silly amount of money for that. As for $800-$1100 15-16 inch model, I think, not in the near future.

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Oh man, I have done this repair. What a freakin’ pain, and unless you do something to protect the new cable, you know it’s just going to happen again eventually. Apple’s response is even more infuriating, barely acknowledging the problem and offering aid to only a tiny sliver of affected units. I hate you Apple. I hate you.

But to answer your question, or rather echo Little.3, yeah, time and success are what’s needed to bring the price down. I’m guessing they’re actually not even making much money at all in these first few years as they establish production and technology, pricing these things at relatively slim margins just so at least some of us can afford to buy them. It’s quite an ambitious thing they’re trying to do here, and I expect it to be a while before they can directly compete with disposable PC’s on price.

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