Which 3M privacy screen fits the best?

I wonder if anyone is using a 3M privacy screen on their Framework laptop ? If so, which one fits the best or works for you ?

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ViaScreens has correctly-sized privacy protectors:

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Thanks, but pity that the attachment of the filters are not magnetic, especially since the bezel of ours is.

The wrong closest in size is the Microsoft Surface 3, 13,5" : 12.1” x 8.8” x .57” (308 mm x 223 mm x 14.5 mm)
Framework 13,5" : 285,5 x 191


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Just asking again since it’s been a year. :grinning:

@feesh states that ViaScreens has a privacy screen - the price as of today is US$66 (expensive)

@Alexis-Emmanuel_Haer mentions that “the wrong [?] closest in size” is the 3M screen for the Surface 3

Does the 3M Surface 3 privacy screen fully cover the visible surface of the Framework screen?

Has anyone else had luck finding a 3M-branded privacy screen that perfectly fits the Framework screen?

Why do you wish a 3M branded one?

If you are in the US you should check PhotoDon


@prepaidpyramid asked why I seek a 3M-branded privacy screen.

  1. Experience: I have one on my Lenovo x220 and it is wonderful - it even has a cool gold-colored appearance when viewed from the side.

  2. Price: The one that fits the x220 is only $39.95 vs the ViaScreens $65.

That said, I thank your for suggesting PhotoDon. I will take a look.

@Eduardo_Sanchez You could order a 3M screen custom made if you really want to do so


Please report back on the quality. I plan on getting one from PhotoDon when I will be in the US next summer.

@prepaidpyramid I can do that. It’s excellent. I use the 4-way privacy screen. It goes on fairly easily and is capable of being removed without being too easy. Privacy function works as advertised and doesn’t hinder brightness much at all. The fit is perfect but I suggest you install with the bezel on. The protector is not large enough to cover the screen and go under the bezel. There is the barest sliver of screen that isn’t covered but it isn’t noticeable unless I look for it. They do not include a spare but they do include wipes, dust stickers and a microfiber cloth. 10/10

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What? Doesn’t it say on the website it isn’t?

Thanks for the info. Hopefully when I get one I won’t break my screen again(first time it was because my dad pushed to hard on the lid(new CNC one) when holding it)

Just checked, it does say one time installation. I expect that to be true in the long run. Really I just meant about adjusting it when first putting it on. It does want to stay on, I had to gently peel it up to avoid damaging the display. But you can do it, unstick it too many times and the adhesive wears out tho.

wut? lol

I sympathize, I fried the motherboard after some liquid metal dripped out a month after purchase and shorted my RAM and VRMs…lesson learned.

Idk happend with my reply. It got messed up as I’m sure the continuation is the last paragraph from it.

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In my case, I have used them with past laptops and they’re quite effective. Great image when sitting right in front, no image when even slightly angled view - useful when sitting right next to someone else at a table, for example.

Granted, COVID now pretty much guarantees no one is nearby, but this grew into a habit.