Which LED?

there has been many requests for touch screen displays with higher refresh rates
I’ve a strong feeling that the team is already working on it

however, many have also been requesting for OLED displays

Why OLED is not an ideal choice for a long term device ?


cons :

  • 1st letter O stands for organic
    • will degrade over time, short life span
    • vulnerable to water damage
    • cannot sustain high brightness
    • burn-in : permanent image retention
    • screen flicker

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each & every oled implementation need not to share each & every con eg. AMOLED

Here are my suggestions :

mini-LED :

pros :

  • not prone to burn-in
  • smaller than the LEDs, provinding granular backlight control
  • good contrast & deeper blacks
  • can sustain high brightness

cons :

  • still rely on LCD
  • contrast is not as good as OLED

micro-LED :

  • Best display tech without cons, yet to be proven

for more on display technology checkout AndroidAuthority’s article

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I think that nay have been true a decade ago, what references do you have to support each of those claims, in 2022 ??

For example

The lifespan of an LED is approximately 8-13 years. The lifespan of an OLED is about ten years
OLED Vs. LED Lifespan: A Detailed Comparison Of The Two Display Technologies

Many mobile phones use OLED and are much more likely to get wet and that doesn’t seem to be an issue.

This is my first OLED and my biggest concern was brightness. I kept reading so many things about OLEDs not getting bright enough. Yet, this thing is super bright! SDR content is perfect, even in my bright living room during the day, and HDR content is crazy bright.

here is the answer

even though many of the cons might have been diminished, but O in OLED still stands for organic in 2022