Why is my 12th gen so buggy?

I have tried Ubuntu, Fedora and now Garuda. I have been using it for a couple of weeks. Got my laptop in Austria last month. Everything seems slow and even my 2 year old laptop that is weaker in every sense is more responsive. Any chance I messed something up? Pretty sure I’m not speaking for everyone here. Even stuff like installing updates makes the fans go loud and the laptopt starts slightly heating. I am not running anything except for the browser. Stuff like scrolling around or browsing any pages is slow and buggy and it drives me nuts at this point. I looked into Linux drivers but nothing so far. Thanks for the support

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I’m not sure that is a problem. The 1240P is willing to draw more power than some other processors, including the 10310U which I personally replaced when I got mine. In general the P series is going to use more power than the U series. You may also have a PCIe 4 NVMe drive that is creating more heat than your old laptop.

This doesn’t sound right. My gen 12 framework running Kubuntu 22.04 performs better than my Lenovo T14 (gen 1) ever did (also on Kubuntu 22.04). What kernel are you running? I’m running 5.19.17 and I think that you want at least 5.18 to get a good scheduler. Intel's Thread Director Coming to Linux 5.18 to Fix Alder Lake Performance Issues | Tom's Hardware

Other that being laggy are you seeing any crashes (which could indicate bad RAM)?


As mentioned, Intel mobile chips run up and down the temp scale all the time due to the boost feature. Little mini hotrod engine in a tight space. It’s the way of the tech.

If folks want thin and light with no room for decent cooling and heat-sinks then that’s what you get.

You can do like I’ve done and turn off the boost if you don’t need peak power all the time. It cuts the fan noise.

Browsers are home to a level of bloat that frankly can get out of hand pretty quickly. The days of the internet being mainly static web pages is long over. Today it is hard to find a web page that is just a static site. Everything will have javascript and PHP coming out of its ears. All of this to say that your browser can VERY much tax your CPU and can totally be responsible for the ramping of the fans. It all depends on what you are doing and how many tabs you have open.

Did you supply your own RAM and NVME drive? Because a general slowness could point to issue with either of these things.

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I don’t recognise this at all. I’ve got the DIY version with the 1240p, 32GB RAM and 1TB Storage and it runs super smooth on Fedora 36.

Ha e a 12th get 1240p fot 3 monthes. Works great.
Deactivated turbo boost and 7 of the ecores. I agree we need it a little more stable. I am sure it will come with bios update.
Fan not anoying at all except a little men gaming

This almost sounds like a bad tlp or thermald config. Or something is misconfigured in the BIOS.

On 12th gen with Fedora 37 right now. Really don’t get much fan activity outside of watching videos.

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I had a similar issue when I first received my 12th gen. I repasted mine and it was like night and day - suddenly I had a fast, responsive laptop where the fans rarely kicked in.

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