Wifi doesn't show up when booting in "power saver" mode (Arch Linux)

I don’t know if this is technically a “bug” (I guess it feels like one) but I’ve noticed that when I boot or reboot in “power saver” it’s like the OS doesn’t recognize that there’s a wifi device plugged in, it just doesn’t show up.

I’m mostly making this post as an artifact so if someone else is looking for “wifi not appearing after boot arch linux” or some such they might find this.

What does “power saver” mode mean, exactly? I know there’s e.g. TLP to set different settings when on battery or plugged in, and I know there’s power-profiles-daemon to do similar stuff as well, so we need more info to try to figure out what’s going on.

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To be more specific, I was referring to “power-saver” mode in Gnome, so power-profiles-daemon. More specifically, when when “power-saver” mode is active on startup