WIFI support on POP os

I was wondering if anyone knows how to update drivers for the intel ax210 no vpro on pop os I could not find a guide for it anywhere else

The drivers are baked into the kernel, there’s not any separate installation like windows (Well, there is. But it’s a pain if you don’t know how to use DKMS). There is a thread somewhere for Wifi support on Linux detailing the incompatible kernel versions as well.

I did my initial OS install with Pop OS 22.04 soon after it came out and used the back ported driver recommended in this thread: [Wifi on Pop!_OS 22.04] but subsequent Pop Shop updates broke wifi and removing the back ported driver I installed allowed the updated vendor provided driver to work properly. It has been fine ever since. If you are on 22.04 you may want to get updates via wired networking and reboot. If you are on an older release, you will need to install a driver. The link I provided may lead you to more info.